Day-trippin in Tokyo

February 8

Moomin Cafe Day

We went on a day trip to Tokyo, destination Moomin Cafe near Tokyo Dome Stadium. Little My sat with us and we loved her. She had her little green eyes on the pancakes being devoured by the lady at the table next to us. We sipped our Moomin lattes and warmed up on a chilly winter day in Tokyo. 


Okadaya is a crafter paradise. Six floors of buttons and ribbons and yarn and fabric and felt and needles and thread and hooks and hoops and hot glue guns. We were absolutely NOT surprised to find Moomin amigurumi, craft book and yarn.

Eat More Greens

All good day trips to Tokyo end at Eat More Greens restaurant in Azabu-juban neighborhood. I would show you a pix of the chocolate cake but, whoops, we ate it.

Japan life

February 1

My days living under the Japanese flag are rapidly coming to a close, only about 50 or so left.

What is a typical Japanese breakfast, you may ask? I was out at a family restaurant the other day and took this photo of the breakfast set.

The additional 180 yen on the right hand side is for the 'drink bar'. The drink bar is an all-you-can-drink buffet of coffee, teas, and fruit juices.

What is bento, or box lunch, you may ask? Any grocery or combini store offers a selection of prepackaged lunches.

I may miss the perfect/proper proportion, healthiness, convenience and yumminess of the box of sushi rolls. Yum