Project 52 ~ Personality

October 30, 2015


This week's theme caused me to stop and think .... what adjective would a true friend use to describe my personality? That led me to remember two emails I received in recent weeks. In one email my friend wrote:

You always seem to open new doors if others close.  I think that is a valuable trait! 

A second friend wrote:

I have been inspired about how you have face and overcome challenges, and in the process, gained a perspective that enabled you to become even more than you already were. 

This friend used the word ~resilient~ .

Here's my short story:

In 2011, life was good and I looked like this.

Not long after this photo was taken life took a U-turn and I went through a 4 year journey through a deep, dark valley that looked a bit like this:

After this long and difficult journey I can finally say, now, in October 2015, my life is good again and looks like this:

These beautiful children are showing me their autumn leaf bouquet.

My photo for Project 52 ~ Personality is this one.

I thank my faithful  friends for traveling the road less traveled with me while showing me encouragement, support, love and grace.


I have LOVED the song Chunk of Coal since the first moment I heard it. (Consequentially, it was introduced to me by the friend who recently wrote and told me that I was an inspiration to her.)  

Chunk of Coal

I'm just an old chunk of coal                  But I'm gonna be a diamond some day

I'm gonna grow and glow till I'm so plum, pure, perfect    I'm gonna put a smile on everybody's face

I'm gonna kneel and pray every day      Lest I should become vain along the way

And I'm just an old chunk of coal now, Lordy     But I'm gonna be a diamond some day

I'm gonna learn the best way to walk            I'm gonna search and find me a better way to talk

And I'm gonna spit and polish my old rough necked self         Till I get rid of every single flaw

I'm gonna be the world's best friend             I'm gonna go 'round shaking everybody's hand

Hey, I'm gonna be the cotton pickin' rage of the age         Yeah, I'm a gonna be a diamond some day


Project 52 ~ Imagine

September 29, 2015


This morning I had an unusual morning off. For a while I sat in my three season room sipping Earl Grey tea enjoying the sunshine. I imagined I was in a bustling, warm cafe in London or Edinburg smelling fresh baked scones and syphoned Columbian coffee. It was a lovely moment.

Truth be know, it wasn't too bad in the quiet and sunlit three season room.