Quilts, Crochet, Hexagons and Blood

May 10, 2015

Crocheting and quilting are in my blood.

My Great-Grandma crocheted the delicate bedspread.

My Grandma quilted the postage stamp quilt.

This hexagon quilt was a gift to my parents for our family when they moved to New York in 1961.

My hexagon crocheted blanket is almost complete.

New Town / New Yarn Store / New Blanket

March 28, 2015

After much rumination, using Pinterest, and two of my fav blogs, Attic24 and Coco Rose Diaries, I've decided to crochet a:  hexagon shaped, 9 - 11 colors, patchwork blanket. 

Wow! What a selection! I chose 9 colors: white, baby blue, light pink, pink, mint, yellow, violet, multi-colored: white/pink/blue, and yellow/mint/white

I'll show you when it's done!  :)